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BackPacker UltraLite - 5' Lightweight Jib & 501 tripod, dolly and carry bags


BackPacker UltraLite - 5' Lightweight Jib & 501 tripod, dolly and carry bags

$ 719.96 $ 1,199.94

Perfect for any filmmaker. Includes tripod and 5 foot BackPacker camera jib featuring both manual and automatic tilting control.

Ideal for the run and gun wedding videographer. Lightweight, easy to transport, super quick setup, and both manual and static tilting the new new BackPacker UltraLite is the same exact functionality as the BackPacker, but is constructed with aircraft aluminum thus making it considerably lighter than the BackPacker 2 kg. vs. 5kg.

They can reach up to 244cm (8 feet) above the ground (on a 152cm / 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance and versatility at a very competitive price. Featuring the new telescoping weight bar for making your setup super fast, no longer needing to mess with thumb screws. Locking in place with a polished aluminum knob, makes balancing even quicker and easier.

Another key feature is the slotted camera bracket, making it very quick to simply slide your camera on and off the Camera Bracket quickly for changing batteries or changing cameras. 

The CC501 Tripod is 100% compatible with Manfrotto 501 release plate systems and is built specifically for our CobraCranes and BackPacker lines of camera cranes (both single and dual arms). The Tripod head features a 75mm half bowl and fully adjustable fluid head. The 3 stage adjustable aluminum legs, adjustable spreader and fluid dual axis pan tilt head with adjustable handle and a 501 release plate will provide for years of smooth silky performance.The CC501 is made of Aluminum with both removable rubber feet and spiked feet included.

A collapsable dolly with 15 feet of pvc track finishes the bundle providing you the ability to pan, tilt, swing, book, dutch, dolly, and slide.   Padded carry bags and weight bags are included.

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight Aluminum Alloy Construction.
  • Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation.
  • Built in Manual and Static Tilt.
  • Easy to Use.


  • Actual Length: Variable Length From 110 cm to 152 / 3 to 5 feet
  • Length from Pivot: 90 cm / 3
  • Carry Weight: less than 2kg / 5lbs
  • Camera Capacity: 2.5 kg. / 5lbs.

What's Included:

  • BackPacker UltraLite 5 foot camera crane
  • CobraCrane 3 stage aluminum tripod
  • CobraCrane 501 compatible fluid head
  • 501 compatible sliding release plate
  • Mid level Spreader
  • Extra Long Adjustable Pan / tilt handle, can mount on either side
  • Padded Carry BackPack
  • Nylon Weight Bag
  • 1/4" Captive camera screw
  • 3/8" captive camera / crane screw
  • Camera tilt cable assembly 
  • Collapsible dolly with tracking wheels
  • Separate set of freewheeling casters
  • Installation guide

*counter weights not included

Review the BackPacker Manual.pdf here.

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